PDEXI for Business

Cloud-Based platform to engage and train people across your organization, achieve organizational goals with formal and informal learning.

PDEXI for Business

Will help you achieve your training goals in 2 ways

Corporate Accounts on PDEXI

Brings learners together to exchange ideas, best practices, experiences and apply knowledge to real problems with informal and formal learning tools. By interacting with peers from across the organization, learners more easily acquire and retain the skills they need to excel in their roles.

Custom Content Development

We will build your own interactive HTML5 eLearning content using PDEXI TinCan compliant wireframe that includes customizable templates that will suite any learning content.


Corporate Accounts on PDEXI Platform

Will help you develop, evaluate and motivate your team

What will you get in PDEXI for business corporate accounts

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Easy Learning

Content Creation and management

  • 5 content types
    • Video
    • Text/Picture templates
    • Audio
    • Assessment
    • Documents
  • Publish organized content
  • Resources and extra readings
  • Unlimited course uploads
  • 20 interactive templates (coming soon)

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Engagement Tools

  • Collaborate with peers, executives and managers
  • Comment and share your ideas, experiences, and best practices
  • Score and badges based on formal learning progress and collaboration
  • Gamification of learning environment
  • Fun, social and informal learning

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  • Profile based measurement of results and achievements
  • Learners progress and assessment results
  • Custom reports and dashboards

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Security and protection

  • Encrypted content
  • Protected Videos
  • Secure access

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Offer more training with PDEXI courses library

  • Free courses
  • Discounted deals on paid courses
  • Start training right away

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Effective learning techniques to increase engagement and content retention

  • Video-based courses
  • Online accessibility
  • Interactive learning tools

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Your Corporate Branding

  • Your logo
  • Your corporate colors

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  • Pre-assessment
  • Course exercise
  • Post-assessment

Benefits of Corporate Accounts

with PDEXI for Business

Happier Customers

Better-trained employees deliver better service. Engaged and motivated employee deliver results.

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Happier Team Members

Motivate and engage your team with learning tools that are fun, available at anytime and anywhere, and uses latest technologies.

Solve Challenges Faster

Make it easy for team members to access learning resources and share best practices and experiences. Knowledge is mined across the organization to drive smarter decisions, faster.

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Ignite Innovation

Bring together employees from all corners of the globe and of diverse backgrounds to unlock valuable ideas and see them through. Share successes and provide feedback to keep innovation moving.

Reduce Training Costs

Reduce training costs and deliver effective learning. With interactive content and guided learning tools, you can engage your learners, regardless of time and place.


PDEXI for Business - Custom Content Development

What will you get

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TinCan (xApi) Compliant eLearning Content

Don't ask us about SCORM, it is ancient history, the Tin Can API (sometimes known as the Experience API or xAPI) is a brand new specification for learning technology. Many Learning management systems are adopters of the TinCan Api, we will package and deliver your interactive content so that it reports all learners data accurately to your chosen LMS.

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Responsive Design

Effective elearning starts with a user-friendly design. We will build your content using PDEXI wireframe which is a responsive elearning framework that allows us to create a single course that looks great on all devices.

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Professional Narration

High quality voice narration, Electing the best professional narrators to record course voiceover. The content can be narrated in any language based on target audience analysis.

  • Accordion

  • Assessment

  • Charts

  • Checklist

  • Comparison

  • Drag and Drop

  • Gallery

  • Glossary

  • Hotspot

  • Slideshow

  • Tabs

  • Vedio

  • Vertical Tabs

  • Wheel

Interactive HTML5 Templates

PDEXI wireframe includes hundreds of Interactive templates to suite your content design and instructional strategy, yet if a new template is needed, our team will gladly build it specifically for you.

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Searchable Content

The search feature will allow the learner to search for any word/phrase in the learning module and navigate to the page containing that word/phrase.

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User Tour Guide

Will run at the beginning of every course to help familiarize the learner with the learning environment.

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Navigation & Resources

Learners will be able to navigate by page, section or module and access external resources and download additional readings and activity documents.

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Skilled Development Team

Our team will work closely with you to solve business problems by designing quality, performance-driven online learning experiences.

We will perform the following roles during our content development process

Read more about the team.

Benefits of Custom Content

with PDEXI for Business

Benefits of Custom content with PDEXI for Business

  • Edit your content after delivery with Easy to use cloud based PDEXI authoring tool
  • Fast and accurate development and project delivery
  • Global team with (projects delivered in 40 countries around the world)

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